Curriculum Mapping at Dal Bio Chemistry

What is a curriculum map?

It itemizes what a student can do after successfully completing a given course.

What is a Student Learning Outcome (SLO)?

A SLO is a task to be mastered. Regard it as the building block in defining courses and degrees.

What can I do with this site?

You can browse per course here or by categories using the tag cloud.

The course view tells you...

1. ...what you will learn in this course. (roughly)

2. ...what we assume that you know before you start.

3. this course fits in the grand scheme of things.

The SLO view tells you...

1. ...what you need to be able to do before you get there.

2. ...why you need to know how to do this SLO.

3. ...which course(s) cover this SLO.

4. ...which course(s) prepares you for this SLO.

Why do I want to Log in (and how)?

1. Log in with your csid and password.

2. Once logged in, you can create a program form and keep track of your progress.

3. There are other tools to help you find out what you do best, and what you need to worry about for your upcoming courses.